Port Angeles BMX Track
 welcomes you to the wonderful world of 
Bicycle Motocross Racing, where your family can race together, and plan your vacations at any of the more than 350 BMX tracks across the US, Canada & Puerto Rico.

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) is an Olympic Sport. 
Be watching on TV now for coverage of the BMX World Championships and the Olympic track in London.
Search the internet. 
It is up to you and your training to become an Olympic hopeful, or just be comfortable racing locally. This sport, like any other, is what you make it.

Port Angeles BMX Track is a sanctioned USA BMX track. All USA BMX rules apply. 
There are smoking areas assigned and we ask you to abide by specific
 PABMX RULES and City of Port Angeles Park
 Rules as well as the USA BMX rules which can be found in the USA BMX rulebook. 
PABMX rules can be found posted around the track. Visit usabmx.com for an online rulebook from USA BMX.


Help save the trees in Lincoln Park!!!

Whether you are local or out of town, the city council wants to hear if you think we should leave the trees( which helps the wind factor at the track) and so it can remain a natural Park. Nobody gets to vote but the city council. It is up to us to tell them what we want them to do.  They are concerned about tourists too, so please email today no matter where you’re from – it matters.  Master plan link can be seen at www.cityofpa.us

Email them at: council@cityofpa.us 

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